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Handpicked Wines

A contemporary Australian wine company that prides themselves on a worldly range of wines. Alongside a brand refresh, I worked with the team on their relaunch of their new website.

Customers could already purchase wines and read about their story on their existing website. But from a brand and sales point of view, it just wasn't performing.

Handpicked Wines
Product Listing

Navigation and Discoverability

Products needed to be easy to find; the previous website wasn't built around ecommerce conventions and the user experience suffered.

The new Shop category was like a common product listing page but was further enhanced with additional elements to improve the user experience. We branded the different product listing views per Wine Tier for consistency with their bottle designs, but also to distinguish each tier at a glance.

What's in a name?
Little Details

What’s in a name?

During the discovery process, one thing that made it difficult to scan was the lack of consistency in the product names.

I proposed a new format so all product names would be neat and consistent. Once that was done, I wanted to take it a bit further. I wanted each of the components that made up the product name, to be treated separately so they were more dynamic and visually appealing.

By separating the names with dashes and colons, we were able to use JavaScript to achieve the intended look.

Handpicked Wines Product Detail
Designing in Modules

Stronger and more flexible product pages

We created a modular design so there was flexibility in how the product pages could be created. We identified a pattern in the content that was common to each wine, we used that as the core structure and included additional modules where necessary (i.e. if a Wine had won an award).

Handpicked Wines
UI Overview

Final Designs

Handpicked Wines Full UI Overview

The Handpicked Wines brand was finally speaking the same language on all platforms, but more importantly, the new website was performing more effectively as a sales platform.

The simplified ecommerce flow enhanced with the brand story helped users properly experience Handpicked Wines which fostered deeper engagement with their customers.

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